Water Hyacinth Bag

Give opportunities to create jobs for Cambodian! These products are made by Khmer
Handmade & Handicraft Product of Community Co-operated by LYLY Shop .

Water hyacinth radition is considered to be the cucumber growing on the waterways of Cambodia. Craftsmen of social enterprises, the Mekong, plus sustainable use of materials to create beautiful bags and materials to support community development. Cucumber juice is known as soft and odor-resistant to the skin.

These products are made by hand, because we are not factories the time we spend water hyacinth is took 14 days to dry and after that we took them to made a bag We are delighted to be able to work with this wonderful team and enjoy the fact that the community can create an environmentally friendly solution for botany problems. Instead of using chemical spraying or herbicides, they decide to turn the barrier into an opportunity. Resolve creative issues instead of devastating results with surprising results.


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