The Original Painting on Short Glass and Mug or Plate

The first paint on mugs and plate or short glass is having from LYLYshop Make by Prom Ponleu , He was the one who checked the new artwork on the art pain coffee on mug short glass , To this day he shares his experience with a boy because of their poor living conditions, he decided to accept the boy as a student Today the boy has created some paintings at Lyly shop .

He name ( En Visal ) he was born 2005 he from BattamBang province He has enough talent in painting but sadly, he was in trouble when he was three with his arms moving forward and a piercing machine but in today's use he can paint on shot glass and plate and anything else more He hopes that one day he will succeed in what he does .

paint on a mug and plate or short glass is a difficultie to paint , but painting colors are waiting for dry period because these colors are sticky and smells are not good , However we will do our best to paintings to everyone like or love Art .

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