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The original hand paint on T-shirt is one of the king and everyshirt is unique , the quality of the T-shirt painting from Lyly shop you can wash with washing machine it doesn’t matter and every temperatureas well , thank you so much for your support and I hope we’ll create new original artwork and unique for customers .

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Oil Painting on canvas It's a talent show of each artist that, from their true feelings, that he wants to show off the paintings he loves , because art comes from the person's thoughts and ideals, with the expression of ideology the heart and the talents paintings come out of and social reflection , creating a painting with canvas is long-term and long-term, because it takes time to wait for a dry or wet paint , oil paintings are very crisp because the oil painting is a long-lasting which can be saved painting for to 30 to 100 years.

The watercolor painting is a difficult to paint and takes a long time to get each of painting
Because each painting has to reflect on the feeling of art and it is a coincidence ,
but Sometimes watercolors can express our feelings that are happy to enjoy to the word art is a broader expression .

The Original Painting on Short Glass and Mug or Plate

The first paint on mugs and plate or short glass is having from LYLYshop Make by Prom Ponleu , He was the one who checked the new artwork on the art pain coffee on mug short glass , To this day he shares his experience with a boy because of their poor living conditions, he decided to accept the boy as a student Today the boy has created some paintings at Lyly shop .

Water Hyacinth Bag

Give opportunities to create jobs for Cambodian! These products are made by Khmer
Handmade & Handicraft Product of Community Co-operated by LYLY Shop .

open : 10:00 am closed : 11:00 pm
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